Lead Generation

Lead generation is the art of channeling and securing customers. How do you accomplish that? Having your own sites is a good start, but leveraging quality properties with cutting edge software to manage and deliver the leads is the ultimate experience. Adventonline was a pioneer, back in 2003, with the release of the LeadMotion platform, providing real time delivery, filtering options and tailoring features to our customers. A well-processed and quickly delivered lead ensures quality for our clients.

A few of our properties

Coolstuff2win; Our first lead generation property, CoolStuff2Win is a sweepstakes site that has generated millions of leads since 2003. Powered by our LeadMotion delivery platform, this website has been able to provide customized opt-in leads to hundreds of clients.

eCoursesUSA; eCoursesUSA is our proprietary education lead portal. Matching prospective students with online and campus schools, eCoursesUSA has helped over 100,000 people advance their career with a further degree. We've worked with dozens of schools in order to provide our visitors with a huge array of options and opportunities. The newest version of the portal also includes features allowing mobile and social media functionality, making it easier to make the connection between students and academic institutions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your message to those who want to see it. Historically, it’s also been one of the easiest ways for marketers to reach their customers. Because of this, it’s been abused and has drastically lost its effectiveness over the years. Today, it’s crucial to constantly evolve and adapt email marketing efforts in order to stay ahead of the game. With BlackLabDirect, our email marketing arm, we strive to rise above the very dense crowd by respecting the rights and privacy of those in our database and aim to please them by only sending them the highest quality offers that they are interested in. By treating the customers in our email database as they are- real, individual people- we only engage them in ways that achieve long-lasting success.

Call Center

A call center is a lead generation solution that adds a more personal and direct relationship with the customer. We partner with several reputable call centers that meet our strict qualifications and standards. Leadmotion has successfully adapted our technology to be utilized by call centers.

The work of a call center is to get even closer to the customer and to have a two-way conversation with them. It is extremely helpful to hear your customers’ voices and gather their feedback while generating highly valuable leads. With call centers, we close the gap in our marketing efforts to provide a complete solution to our clients and more relevant position to our platform.


Search engine marketing and the access to organic quality leads. The influence that search engines had in sculpting the Internet cannot be over-stated. Today, billions of people use search engines and rely on the results to help them decide which websites to ultimately visit.

We cannot imagine today the world we live without the existence of search engines, search engines brings results to our most personal questions and allows to marketers to improve content and relevance of your service. Adventonline understands the importance of getting recognized by strangers, users in search of answers. That answer is what moves us everyday to reconsider our approach.


We are all social. We all look for ways to interact with each other, share experiences and express our thoughts. Social media websites have made the Internet a natural place to be, where both people and companies are able to share their personality online. AdventOnline's social media services include building your online personality across the vast social media landscape. From building out your Facebook profile to helping you increase your followers on Twitter, we're able to grow your online community and interactions with your customers.

Social websites have become the FIRST place many new customers learn about a brand, and you know what they say about first impressions!